21 Matches for Survival Tool

Discovery Resource # ST-23

Your financial obligations are likely to be extensive and learning how to navigate your way through personal financial life early is critical to your future. Learn about the issues and obstacles that often prevent physicians from achieving financial independence and develop a plan that will help you pay down your debt and achieve financial success. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-09

For most physicians, whether you’ll ever be wealthy depends on how you spend your first paycheck post training. The secret to building wealth as a physician is to grow into your attending income as slowly as possible, especially in that first year out of training.

This chapter will help equip you with the mindset needed to make good financial decisions for your first 12 paychecks to help you pay down your student loans, save up for a down payment on your dream home and build a substantial retirement nest egg within just a few years of residency graduation.

Discovery Resource # ST-11

Physicians typically practice in one of five business models. Each models has its strengths and weaknesses and each can impact compensation, opportunities for growth; and personal or professional development opportunities. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-14

Without a doubt, a cover letter is one of the best opportunities you have to make a meaningful impression and separate yourself from a competitive candidate pool, especially when sharing YOUR UNIQUE STORY.

Learn how to customize a powerful cover letter taking the prospective employer on a guided journey of some of your most notable career and life achievements. Note: We will be referring to this as both a cover letter and cover email throughout the chapter.

Discovery Resource # ST-05

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your search by identifying your resources, understanding your obstacles, and organizing the tools at your disposal to maximize your job search.. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-13

Your success ultimately comes down to being well-informed and having the ability to leverage the information you acquire to your benefit. Understanding compensation models and determining the structure that will best suit your needs and preferences is a fundamental part of this process. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-03

There are a variety of compensation packages available in the healthcare industry today. Just as you reviewed in our job transitions chapter, this is not a “one size fits all” process. Understanding the types of compensation packages and their fundamental differences is key to ensuring your ability to determine which offer is in your best interest. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-19

There are many pathways to success and for some it may come from one of the non-clinical options available to you.

This survival tool will help you understand your options and how to take the first steps toward a non-clinical opportunity. Read More...

Discovery Resource # ST-02

As any good anthropologist will tell you, understanding the people, landscape, language, and culture you’ll encounter on this adventure is a prerequisite for success.

You’ll want to know the location of dangers and pitfalls. The peaks and valleys. The smooth, safe path and the treacherous, rough rock. In this stage, you’ll learn how hospitals and medical groups are changing, about the roles and responsibilities of those you’ll be working with, and the pressures and economics that drive hiring decisions.

You’ll learn how to enter the changing world of healthcare and map your path to success.

So let’s dig in.

P.S. By the way, they’ve had some rough luck recently, with a major earthquake impacting the landscape of healthcare. Be alert. It’s a jungle out there.

Discovery Resource # ST-04

Every wild adventurer needs a map. If you know where you are, and know where you want to go, then following your map will get you there. But without knowing where you want to go or where you are starting from, the map is useless.

What do you want your life to look like? What financial dreams do you want to accomplish? What does your ideal career look like?

Without defining your endpoint and establishing your priorities, your journey will be aimless. If you do arrive at your final destination, but left your family behind, your journey will have been for naught.

In this chapter we are going to define what you really want out of life, family and career. Where are you going with all your hard work? When you know where you are going, and you have a good map to get there, you won't be surprised when you arrive at exactly the point you were headed.

Let’s get your adventure started in the right direction so you cross the right finish line.